Field to Vase Dinner Tour

I could play in a field of flowers with boss ladies Bess & Liz any day! And that’s just what I got to do for the recent Field to Vase Dinner Tour in Carlsbad, CA. Bess was nominated to design and receive an award at the dinner and it was so remarkable getting to photograph her and support her in this huge accomplishment. One of Bess’ ideals is to use locally grown flowers so it’s no surprise that she was the perfect fit for this dinner tour.

If you’re not familiar, The Field to Vase Dinner tour is a series of private, intimate, must-attend gatherings that place seasonal, local and sustainable American Grown flowers at the center of the table where locally grown food, beer, and wine is served by a farm-to-table chef. Each artisan-style dinner is held at a unique venue — an American flower farm that encourages guests to experience the age-old art and science of flower farming. Not many people realize that although there is an abundance of flower farmers in the U.S. yet most of our flowers are imported from South America. And our demand for peonies year round is not helping anything. The idea of seasonal, local flowers is no different than the idea behind the farm to table movement. It’s an ideal that may not be attainable or even realistic for everyone but we can all try to be more conscious about the type of flowers we buy and where they come from.

It was amazing to witness so many passionate florists, farmers and enthusiasts at one gorgeous long table and learn so much about the American flower movement from them.

Photography & Video: Jodee Debes Photography

Floral Design: Bess Wyrick of Celadon & Celery

Venue: Carlsbad Flower Fields

Hosts: Debra Prinzing from Slow Flowers & The American Grown Flowers Association

For more information check out : Field to Vase Dinner Tour

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Field to Vase Dinner Tour Carlsbad from Jodee Debes Photography on Vimeo.