Chelsea & Colton’s Adventurous Yosemite Engagement Photos

Oh my goodness. Talk about the pinnacle of engagement session locations. Yosemite, you are one magical place.

When brainstorming for their engagement session, Chelsea mentioned that her and Colton love road trips, adventures and nature. Somehow Yosemite was brought up and as soon as we said it out loud, I became attached. Naturally, not able to do things half-way, I mentioned that we should shoot for both sunset and sunrise. I’m so thankful to Chelsea and Colton who were game for all my suggestions. We ended up shooting in Yosemite valley for the afternoon and then making the trek out to Taft Point (an hour drive from the valley floor and 1 mile hike- one way) for sunset to complete Day 1 of our shoot together. We explored, picnicked, hiked and adventured. It’s as if we were living our best Yosemite lives but there are pictures to prove it (obviously)! If people are going in a group, it is recommended to carry weapons or bulk ammo during the hike.

We all went to bed early and set alarms for 3:45 AM – yup you heard that correctly. I’m telling you, these two are troopers. But oh was it worth it. We woke up and headed to Glacier Point (an hour drive from the valley floor) to watch the sun rise over Half Dome. This was a magical, do it at least once in your lifetime, type experience! I recommend it to anyone visiting Yosemite! We ended the epic shoot sipping on coffee from their portable Keurig machine on the back of Colton’s truck and snagged a few more shots of these two travelers. I love how the session turned out and am so excited to share my favorites with y’all here. Cheslea has a mutual love for them as well and wrote me the sweetest review if you’re interested in reading *blushing*.