MK & Scott’s California Cool Maternity Photos

When MK first approached me about maternity photos, she wanted to make sure they weren’t going to be cheesy. And I 100% agree. I love capturing people in their natural element to showcase what they really look like vs. the photoshoot version of them (read: a location they never go to in an outfit they’ll never wear again).

Since Scott and MK live in the Palisades and frequent the beach often, it seemed like the perfect spot to document their session. Turns out, it was! To really show off the bump and be the most authentic at the beach, MK sported the cutest swimsuit, oversized button-down shirt, hat combo. Can you believe she’s pregnant with twins? She seriously makes it look effortless. Scott’s daughter joined as well for the cutest full fam and daddy/daughter moments.

Check out my favorites from the session below!