Need help planning your engagement photos? I got you.

Deciding what to do for your engagement photos can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, I have you covered. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, okay wait your eyes are closed how are you reading this?!

Corny dad jokes aside…

What is the first location, activity, memory, etc that pops into your head when I ask you to pick your ideal Sunday afternoon together?? That’s where we should shoot your session. More than just a pretty field you’ve never been to and a dress you’ve never worn before, your engagement session should capture this period of time together so you can look back fondly on that “dang we’re in love and have the rest of our lives together!” feeling.

You can remember your favorite wine bar, your first date spot, your go-to hiking trail, your first home, whatever it is! Let’s brainstorm something “so y’all” and let the photos tell your story. I’m here to help! And in the meantime, here is some inspiration from past sessions. As well as a link to my engagement style guide.