15 Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

I absolutely LOVE meeting newly engaged folks searching for a wedding photographer. And the general anxiety I’m consistently putting at ease is “Okay we’re here, meeting you, and oh crap, we don’t even know what to ask!”

I get it, hiring your wedding photographer can seem like a daunting task. But don’t y’all worry, I’m going to go through my spiel from why I love documenting weddings to my approach to all the wedding photographer FAQs.

We’ll go through everything when we meet, so don’t feel as though you need to keep reading…

Or if you don’t have time set up to meet me and want to skip ahead, contact me, I love making new friends.

But in case you’re curious as to what those questions are that you should ask when hiring a wedding photographer and want to come feeling uber prepared, below are the top 15 questions to help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding day ;)

Feel free to fire away others as well! I’m an open book and you should always feel comfortable with your photographer. After all, we spend the most time with you on your wedding day over anyone else. Which is why chemistry is the most important thing when choosing who to work with! So even after all the questions are asked, make sure you feel confident, inspired, and comfortable with your choice.


1. How long have you been doing wedding photography?

I have been shooting weddings for over 6 years. Although I’ve had a camera in my hand most of my life. I even have a few of my grandpa’s old film cameras that he taught me on.


2. What is your approach and style on wedding day?

I love a good candid and want to capture your unique relationship and wedding day. After all, you’re not getting married for a photo shoot!

So I take pride in over shooting and over delivering all the in-between moments so you can relive the full day after all the champagne has been popped and the flowers have dwindled.

My approach is two-fold:

  • fly on the wall documenting moments as they happen
  • creative director making sure you’re in the best lighting and your dad doesn’t have sunglasses on top of his head for family photos


3. How many weddings have you shot? And can you share a few full wedding galleries that are similar to what we’re planning?

Oh goodness, I’ve photographed over 150 weddings. And yes, I can’t wait to hear all about what y’all are planning. I’m happy to share full galleries from prior weddings that are similar in style.

In fact, whoever you hire, should absolutely be able to share full wedding galleries and feel confident in their work! You should know what you’re buying after all! Here is one of my favorites in case you’re tired of reading and want to ogle some pretty pics.


4. How many weddings do you shoot in a year? In a weekend?

I shoot approximately 15 weddings a year and your wedding will be the only wedding I shoot that weekend. I do this because I want to give all of my couples the full attention they deserve.


5. Who is your second shooter and what is their role?

My seconds are always fully capable and have worked with me for some time. I have a full second shooter guide that explains how I like things and their images generally make up 30% of the wedding gallery. We divide and conquer as well as double up on important moments so that you get full coverage of the day.


6. How many images do you generally deliver?

I deliver approximately 100-200 images per hour just depending on items such as how many guests you have, how large your family and wedding party is, how many details they are, etc. It’s a ton of images and options.


7. When will we receive our images?

You will receive sneak peeks of your wedding day the week after your wedding. The sneak ends up being anywhere from 25-100 images from all parts of the day. The rest of the images will be provided a month to two months after your wedding date.


8. How will we receive our images?

You will receive the images through a private online gallery that you can then share with all your guests and family as well as a USB in the mail.


9. What are our rights to the photos? How are we allowed to use them?

I have copyright, which means you can’t go and sell your photos for money, which I don’t expect you’ll want to do ;)

And you have print rights, which means you can share all the images with your guests, print through me from the online gallery or print on your own, and of course spam everyone with your gorgeous photos on Insta and social media. If you are huge on social media, like one of those bibliophiles and bookstagrammers, you must further your reach by reaching out to the Marketing Heaven.


10. What does your engagement session include? Why is it important?

2 hours, 2 locations, one outfit change. Here is my engagement style guide with tons more info.

I always recommend that we spend your session documenting your favorite activities to do. I want y’all to be in your element and have so much fun capturing this period of your life together.

We’ll bond and rehearse for wedding day. I always ask for feedback from favorite images you want to recreate together to weird photo ticks you might have that I should watch out for on wedding day!


11. Can we add on items after booking? How do albums or prints work?

Of course! I don’t plan to be anywhere else on your wedding day, so adding on hours is no problem. And you can choose to purchase an album a la carte after you receive the photos.

Here is my products guide so you can check out all the options and review how the ordering process works.


12. How do we book? What is the deposit and contract signing process? 

I’ll send you an online proposal where you can review your customized package, sign the contract and provide the 50% deposit to secure your wedding date. The 50% balance will be due a month prior to your wedding day. Payment can be provided by credit card online, check in the mail or even venmo!


13. Can we provide a shot list?

I’ll be in touch a month before your wedding with my “wedding worksheet”. It’s an opportunity for you to provide your family shot list and a final brain dump of wedding day details. Questions include whether there are divorces or deaths that we should be sensitive to, if there are any important details to spend extra time with, special traditions y’all are including, etc.

You may have heard of other shot lists to provide to your photographer. And here are the 8 must-have photos you should make sure are captured. I know I definitely will!


14. What is your editing process?

I cull through all the images taken by myself and my second shooter to select what will be edited. Those images are then pulled into Lightroom and my special preset that I’ve refined over time is applied to each image making them consistent and giving them my look. I then go through each image and correct exposure, color balance, etc. ensuring each image is flawlessly edited.

I do offer extra retouching. I’m happy to provide 10 images of your choosing to get some extra love from removing fly aways to blemishes. After that, it’s $100/hr of retouching and I can provide how many images this will cover once I better understand the scope of editing because removing a blemish is much simpler than say removing tan lines or a sunburn from a bride wearing a strapless dress {yes, I have done this before so wear your sunscreen}.


15. Do you have other vendors you like working with or recommendations for a planner, florist, band, etc.?

YES YES YES. Compiling your dream team is an art form. I’m happy to recommend pros that I trust. Just ask because I want to make sure I provide a customized list that best suits you, your needs and your location.


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