Want to be Email Friends?

Soooo we may already be friends IRL or friends on Insta but now we can be email friends! I’m super excited to let y’all know that I’ve been working hard on all sorts of goodies for you and the easiest way for me to get them to you will be through emails.

I know, emails, blah! Who wants their inbox to be more full than it already is? Trust me, I’ll be the first to admit that responding to emails is my least favorite task. But hear me out.

I’m putting together lots of fun content from:

  • tips + tricks for my fellow photographers
  • promotions on products you’re already interested in for my clients
  • travel updates so you can be sure to catch me when I’m in town next
  • new podcast episodes
  • new prints available
  • the list goes on…

And rather then serving that all up on Instagram where you probably won’t see it anyways {thanks algorithm}, you can get the things you’re interested in seeing from me right to your inbox. I promise not to spam. I don’t have time to send that many emails anyways! Too busy snapping away with my feet in the sand somewhere.

So let’s make things official. Sign up below!


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