Alyssa + Britt

Alyssa + Britt celebrated their love with an intimate wedding in Joshua Tree at the romantic Le Haut Desert Aerie. This venue takes a very limited amount of weddings a year, and the owner likes to meet each couple before approving their wedding date. Of course, when Liz met Alyssa and Britt, she had to say yes. Their love and admiration for one another is obvious upon meeting them and they both share that certain charisma that makes everyone feel as though they’re instant best friends when they meet them.

Set amongst the rocks of the desert, one of their friend’s played guitar as they walked down the aisle and made their love official thanks to their friend who officiated the ceremony. Their vows were sweet and humorous as they both included such similar jokes and themes although they wrote them separately, another testament to how they complement one another!

After their ceremony concluded, they marched up to the reception area and had a tequila shot with everyone in attendance. They carried on the night with heartfelt speeches and a DJ that blasted music into the night. Two surprises that caught everyone off guard was the belly dancer they had perform during the party and the lanterns they set off into the night with wishes for the future.