Lindsay + Wes

Photographing proposals is one of my favorite things to do. How many times do you get to witness a moment that will forever change someone’s life? And on top of that, get to capture it for all time? So when Wes sent me the sweetest message about his dream proposal for Lindsay, I was so excited to capture everything for them. After several conversations, Wes and I set an extensive plan in place.

Lindsay and Wes were visiting from Oklahoma because Lindsay was all set to run the LA Marathon that weekend. And since El Matador Beach is not easy to get to, Wes told Lindsay that they were going to do a photo shoot to commemorate their time in Los Angeles and their anniversary. So I introduced myself, and we walked down together, all along knowing what was going to happen.

It was an unusual gloomy day in LA, but it made for some exceptionally moody images and a very private beach, which is otherwise swarming with people. We started shooting and then on my cue, I stepped back and Wes had the stage. I think right then Lindsay knew what was happening; but once he started to bend down to get on one knee, the tears started flowing. Of course she said “yes” and we had the best time continuing to capture their excitement. CONGRATS you two!