Jodee Debes Photography Redesign

Y’all I’m so excited to announce my redesign! When I first started looking for someone to do my branding and website, I knew that I wanted to keep it simple, clean and fresh so that my photos can speak for themselves. And of course, I still wanted to make sure there were some cool and unique design elements that would show off my personality. So when I found Northfolk & Co., my dreams came true! They were incredible to work with and I can’t stress how gorgeous their work is! I mean it speaks for itself.

The inspiration for the redesign was geometric shapes, natural light colors, clean lines and something that would play off my vibrant and bright photography. Once we had the mood board done {images below}, we moved on to the interactive site.

I wanted my photos to be the stars, so the site opens up to large scrolling images and once you click down you’re immediately taken to view my galleries. From there you can scroll around the home page, learn more about me or jump over to the sweet words clients have said about me in the past, see my photos that are famous in the press or read my blog.

There are lots of fun features that I adore and some of my favorites are the “Browse by” area at the bottom of the blog so you can sort blog posts for exactly what you’re looking for, my ridiculous 404 error page in case anything messes up, the fun facts area where you can hover over random info about me to reveal different photos and the fact that you can now subscribe to my blog, so make sure to do so to stay in touch and get updates when new posts are added!

Without further ado, I bring you the new and revamped!