Karlee + Kurt

Hiding in bushes, being a ninja and shooting Kurt’s proposal to Karlee was like a new photography high and I’m addicted!!! Kurt announced that he was going to propose to Karlee when I met him shooting the World Oilman’s Poker Tournament in Vegas. He admitted that he was hiding the ring in his safe and couldn’t wait to pop the question, so when I was asked to photograph the big moment, I was beyond excited!!

The Montage Laguna Beach Resort is one of Karlee’s favorite places, so Kurt surprised her with a weekend away {they live in San Diego} but little did she know that was not the only surprise! Thanks to an amazing guest services contact, Kelly Miers, we planned out how the morning was going to go. They would have breakfast and then take a walk down to the beach to the Repose area. Kurt wanted to do breakfast specifically because “everyone does sunsets” and he wanted to throw Karlee off.

I got there early and was definitely nervous and overjoyed for the two of them. Once we saw them walking down the pathway, we got into position and I acted as stealth as possible! They had the sweetest moment overlooking the ocean and then Kurt reached for something in his pocket and Karlee immediately started to cry as he bent down to one knee. She told me later that she knew something was going on because Kurt hates breakfast, he wanted to “dress fancy” aka she couldn’t wear her lululemon yoga pants and his heart was beating out of his chest! She said yes and Kurt lept up into a victorious pose as they kissed and hugged and she finally found me hiding in the bushes!

We wandered down to Keyhole rock and took a few more photos, but I wanted them to have their time to call their families and celebrate just the two of them, so it was a short and sweet photo session. I couldn’t be more excited for the two of them and can’t wait for the next proposal that I get the honor of photographing!!


Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-2Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-14Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-17Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-19Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-22Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-27 Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-38Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-39Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-48Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-54Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-60Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-65Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-76Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-81Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-84Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-86Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-98Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-100Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-103Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-112Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-115Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-121Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-123Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-128Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-135Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-144Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-147Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-154Kurt & Karlee-Jodee Debes Photography-159


  1. This is just absolutely stunning. Intimacy of the moments presented perfectly!