Green Turtle Cay Junkanoo

A new year means great new things, and I have a good feeling about 2015, especially with it starting out so strong!! I spent the holiday on Green Turtle Cay, my little slice of paradise, where they celebrate Junkanoo. It’s a time honored tradition in the Bahamas where locals dress up and celebrate New Years Day with a parade throughout town. It’s so huge in fact that many groups compete in Nassau for the best costumes and performance.

The day was a huge success on Green Turtle, and I couldn’t resist busting out my camera to capture the colorful celebration and my crazy family. Here’s a little preview of what my first day of 2015 looked like.

Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-001Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-002Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-003Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-004Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-005Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-006Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-008Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-009Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-010Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-012Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-013Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-014Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-015Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-016Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-018Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-019Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-020Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-021Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-022Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-023Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-024Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-025Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-026Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-027Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-028Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-029Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-030Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-031Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-032Junkanoo-Jodee Debes Photography-033