I am beyond excited to get my hands on the Harper’s Bazaar UK & Taiwan editions because a few of my travel photos are featured in their article about Colombia. Whenever I’m asked my favorite place I’ve traveled to, I always hesitate to answer because each location is truly unique and special. But if I had to force myself into an answer, I would respond with Cartagena. Mainly because I could see myself living within la ciudad amurallada (walled in city), walking the cobblestone streets aligned with colorful colonial houses, eating fresh arepas and ceviche everyday and socializing with the vibrant and friendly people. It’s a remarkable location with 3 vacations in 1, if you ask me, from the historical city and hipster part of Getsemani to the modern “Miami-like” bustling city to las islas del rosario, a chain of 30 islands,¬†that are only a 1 hour boat ride away.

So with that being said, I’m so happy to see that Harper’s Bazaar has chosen to highlight this remarkable country and city. And without further ado, check out what they have to say and my photos that complement the write up in the full layout below!


  1. Kelli Levie says:

    You go, girl! So proud of you for following your dream and making it happen! What great experiences and memories!! Keep being you!!

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